Random Thoughts

I loved him so much it hurts,

Spending my waking days…thinking if he ever cares as much as I do.

I search him out in familiar crowds,

wondering if he even notices me.

My heart leaps for joy when I see the handsome familiar face among a sea of many faces,

only to sink when I realize he did not even notice me.

I spend waking hours spinning dreams of Wishful futures,

only to be brought back to reality when I remember the situation of things.

If only I can be given one wish…

I do not have to think twice of what I would wish for

’cause my wish never changed…to be seen by him.

To be loved by him…

To have him laugh at the jokes I make.

To be excited by how well we connect.

To know that he is ALL mine…

My secret Love, my All time crush…my forbidden story…


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