Music: My only escape from life’s helpless situations!

Got my ear-piece nicely position in both ears,

The melody has come to be my safe haven where I go to when I need to zone out.

#my current passion…..Rude by Magic!

Got the song on replay for 24hours now#Literarily

the reason for my recent zone out….Love’s many issues…

Call me a sucker for Love…what can I say

I love LOVE!!!

I love the feeling of being wanted,

the assurance of meaning something special to someone you can’t do without.

The heady swooning feeling literarily knocks the air outta me sometimes.

We all know love is not always a bed of roses,

disputes makes you question your choice,

especially when your partner just don’t seem to understand.

Yes! we all have our fair share of those dark gloomy moments

Times when you want to just up and go

My recipe: Put on some nice tune and Zone out.

The feeling I get when I fall in love with a song is so much more than falling in love with another human being.

I guess it helps me Love myself more…

sometimes its more about the melody coordination than it is about the actual lyrics…

Music; my First TRUE love, my escape haven, my constant companion.


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