The phone rings…it was a call from her mother, cringing with fear as she slowly answers the phone and puts the receiver to her ears.

MUM: Hello Nkem.

NKEM: Hello, Mummy Good evening.

MUM: Good evening my dear how are you doing?

NKEM: I’m fine oh. And you.

MUM: I’m where you people left me Nah. You have become so busy and no longer keep in touch with your aged mother.

NKEM: Mummy it’s not like that, just had quite a lot on my plate lately.

MUM: OK oh. I’ve heard. Just don’t forget that you should have a personal life too ooo. You work too hard and I’ve barely heard you say you are going out with friends or something. It’s always work, work, and work. You are not getting any younger o. All your mates are already married and taking care of their own homes you are busy working, telling yourself you are progressing in your career. Nobody is interested in that if you don’t have a man to call your own, nobody would respect you; regardless of the position you have attained in your company if you are not married. I’m telling you as a mother. Go and find a man and stop all this nonsense, you are not getting any younger and the earlier you realize this the better for you… (Cuts the phone)

Nkem wept uncontrollably as that had become her life since she turned 30 and still hadn’t been able to get a man. It’s not like she wasn’t open enough to the possibility of marriage, it’s just that the men that come her way these days were either not serious or married and wanted her for a mistress. She was tired of married men telling her how decent and well-mannered she was, how they wish they weren’t married because then they wouldn’t have hesitated to make her their wife or how any man who would marry her would be the luckiest. She was tired of having these kind of toxic phone conversations with her mum or other siblings. What was she to do? She didn’t want to be desperate and she sure couldn’t take anymore of all these pressure of marriage…

WHEN YOU ARE 30 AND STILL SINGLE!!!!!!a-beautiful-women-10


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