The Beauty in Eating Right

Can your diet really help put you in a good mood? 

While certain diets or foods may not ease depression (or put you instantly in a better mood), they certainly are part of a process to an overall positive and happier mood.
Basically the science of food’s effect on mood is based on Dietary changes and can bring about changes in our brain structure (chemically and physiologically), which can lead to altered /happier behavior.

The connection between carbohydrates and mood is all about tryptophan, a nonessential amino acid. As more tryptophan enters the brain, more serotonin is synthesized in the brain, and mood tends to improve. Serotonin, known as a mood regulator, is made naturally in the brain from tryptophan with some help from the B vitamins. Too much of Science jargon I guess…

So…like I said in my last post…I’ve been more upbeat in the rhythm of life with my new healthy eating habit.

I have a more positive outlook to life and and feel generally happier.

Scientists have even been able to proof that healthy eating patterns are associated with positive health outcomes and general wellbeing.  
Truth be told, I can’t even wrap my head around half the things I just wrote…but for me the satisfaction and happiness starts from the meal preparation. I LOVE A colorful meal, and the thought of having to concoct something with almost all the colors of the rainbow…and is also tasty of course, makes me anticipate and look forward to eating.

Do you get satisfaction from eating healthy, if yes…what are your favorite home cooked meals?


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